...a Tasmanian-based Consultancy


Christina wanted to be an entomologist when she was about 8 years old (and a ballerina, but that didn't last). A tragic experiment-gone-wrong with coloured paint, coloured cards, sugar water and bees only strengthened her resolve to explore the natural sciences. On uni enrolment day she discovered that entomology was a subject in an Agricultural Science degree at Tas Uni. So she proceeded with an Ag science degree, and studied bees in her honours thesis.

Then she got a job as a soil education officer with the Tasmanian Ag department. After a happy year or so exploring Tasmania while conducting Whole Farm Planning courses with farmer groups around the state, she headed off to Cambodia to work in an agricultural extension training program there (this despite never having seen a rice plant growing).

After a very formative year and a half, she returned to Tas and found work with the newly established Environmental team at Hydro Tasmania. Initally working on land remediation programs, Christina was fortunate to be in on the ground floor of a fast growing team with ever broadening reach within the business. Many rich and rewarding years followed, with consulting stints in Laos, Cambodia (again), the Philippines and Papua New Guinea as well as leadership of the business's terrestrial environmental program and involvement in establishing the certified Environmental Management System.

Finally, after an extended stay in Melbourne to establish the consulting office there, Christina took leave from Hydro Tasmania and started planting trees and vegies at home. She now provides environmental management consulting services to a range of Australian energy businesses.

In the last 3-4 years Christina has focussed on her training and development as a Taketina Rhythm teacher, and is pleased to offer this unique musical learning mode to people in Hobart.

Christina has also recently established an enterprise (with her great friend Juliet Chapman) to support and inspire people to grow their own vegies. If this sounds intriguing visit the FIMBY website!